Self-Taught Lab Podcast

Let's talk about learning without limits, this is a podcast for you.

In the Self-Taught Lab Podcast, we dive into the heart of self-directed learning, where education becomes a deeply personal and meaningful journey.

In a world that often values conformity and predefined routes, we champion the idea that each individual has the potential to be the architect of his or her own knowledge. We dive into the uncharted waters of learning, where curiosity and passion are the compasses that guide the way.

Through inspiring stories and enriching conversations, we explore the power of educational autonomy. In each episode, we unravel the importance of giving children and adults the freedom to follow their own curiosity, discover their passion and embrace their uniqueness.

Our podcast is a beacon of hope for those who seek an education that nurtures not only the mind, but also the heart. At Laboratorio Autodidacta, we celebrate the beauty of learning in freedom, where error is a stepping stone to discovery and self-knowledge is the foundation of wisdom.

Join us on this journey where education becomes an act of self-love, where creativity, independence and passion are encouraged. Find out how, in the Self-Directed Learning Lab Podcast, we are reinventing the way we understand and embrace self-directed learning.

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