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Activating confidence in life

Activating confidence in life and its processes for the unfolding and harmonious growth of the human being in the different stages of life in the family environment and in a broad social environment, such as conventional educational centers or learning communities where non-directive education is put into practice. This means that all members of the family and community feel wellbeing.

To live a process of personal transformation to assume the education of our own sons and daughters, as well as other children and adolescents according to their state of maturity, rhythms and personal characteristics. This happens if we have stopped to observe through “being present with awareness”, which makes it easier for us to understand their authentic needs, which are the indicators to create the conditions and environment they need to satisfy them.

The creation of a prepared environment contains several aspects, one of them is to discover the enigma: What is the nature of the human being and its potential? This happens when we design the environment according to the manifestations of the actions of the child, adolescent and adults, since these are the indicators that will allow us to enrich it with didactic and play resources, implements or structures. Environmental stimuli drive them to self-discovery and learning how to learn; the basis of autodidacticism.

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Who is the target audience?

The Self-taught Laboratory is aimed at fathers, mothers and adults who accompany learning processes with autonomy. It is important to know that authentic learning is based on interaction with concrete realities.


How to live mathematics, language and science development

Keeping the momentum of the game alive

The real nature of learning, where adults also connect with their inner child.

Autonomy and Self-Direction

Montessori materials are designed to be self-contained, which means that children can work with them independently.